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Al Purdy

Praise for Al Purdy

"If you want to read some decent strong human stuff without fakery I'd say Al Purdy the Canadian. . . one of the few very good poets since 1900."
-Charles Bukowski

"For at least the past decade, there has been a growing consensus that Al Purdy is the greatest of our poets."
-The Globe & Mail

"A hundred years from now, one of the few Canadian poets whose work will still be read will be Al Purdy."

"Purdy's poetry has the effortless gratuitous magic which has been the sign of a good poet in any age."
-George Woodcock

"Purdy is the closest thing to a national poet English Canada has produced. But while it may take readers elsewhere a little longer to attune their ears, there is nothing parochial about his work. When the dust has settled, I believe Al Purdy is one of the writers by whom English poetry of the later twentieth century will be measured and remembered."
-Dennis Lee

"Al Purdy blew the doors off the hinges. He gave the generation of poets that followed permission to fully inhabit the Canadian vernacular. The modern moment in Canadian poetry rests squarely on his shoulders."
-David Young

"Purdy writes like a cross between Shakespeare and a Vaudeville comedian (so did Shakespeare)"
-Margaret Atwood

"Al Purdy is a true orginal - rough hewn, plain spoken icon of Canadian letters."
-Peter Trower

" of the most original, observant, compassionate and vigorous poets of our century."
-Malahat Review

"With Al's stuff, you somehow get the whole man."
-Margaret Laurence

"A.J.M Smith said it all some years ago, that Purdy is the 'finest of all our poets.' It is still true."
-Journal of Canadian Poetry

"There is no question he was the greatest Canadian poet of the 20th century. I don't think anyone could even begin to argue that point."
-Patrick Lane

"I don't think anyone would argue with the fact that he was the most Canadian poet ever."
-Howard White

"Al has given a voice to Canadian poetry. It's very much his own but it speaks for a lot of people. A lot of young poets are in awe of him - he is like a god. He was great in a quiet way. . . It makes death much more interesting to know that wherever he is, I will be able to join him there."
-Susan Musgrave