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Anne Cameron

"Anne Cameron's fictional voice is as unique as Canada. She can cuss like a logger or set down words as tender as lullabies." -Patricia Morley, Ottawa Citizen

"In a Cameron novel, the men drink, beat the people around them, and/or sneak into their daughters' bedrooms. Their wives drink, co-depend and/or enable. Yet Cameron can build a believable enabler before you know where she's headed, or give a convincing Caliban moment to a brute." -The Globe and Mail

"Cameron knows how women talk to each other." -Vancouver Province

"Cameron's women aren't whiners. Their problems are believable, their triumphs small but fulfilling. They feel real enough, likable enough, to want to call one up to go out for coffee." -Coast News

Praise for The Whole Fam Damily:

". . . an absolutely riveting cacophony of voices that will stay in your head long after you've put the book down." -The Daily News, Halifax

"Theirs is a world where children learn that beer and violence are as much a part of life as TV and Kraft Dinner . . ." -The Leader Post, Regina

"Beatings, sexual abuse, arson. . . all of the sickness that spins out of a family as it swirls in its own destruction from generation to generation.. . . The Whole Fam Damily rings powerfully and disturbingly true." -The Ottawa Citizen

Praise for Deejay and Betty:

"No doily or decorative language, no fancy postmodern structured techniques, just a straight-from-the-heart story." -Vancouver Sun

Praise for Women, Kids & Huckleberry Wine:

". . . quirky, witty, entertaining and somehow strangely uplifting." -Edmonton Journal

". . . easy-going, direct, funny, cynical and full of incisive curses and wisdom." -Diversions

Praise for Escape to Beulah:

"A feminist fable for our times, told with a dispassionate, fascinated vigour." -Vancouver Province

Praise for Daughters of Copper Woman:

"... an enchanting, uplifting revelation." -Ottawa Citizen

". . . startling mix of the exotic, the repellent, and the fantastic ... a unique book, a work thick with substance and extraordinary life." -Vancouver Sun

"... the underlying vision, though tender, has the thrust and the strength of steel." -Quill & Quire