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Arthur Black

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Arthur Black (1943-2018) was one of Canada’s best-known humorists, and one of only five writers to have won the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour three times. He was the former host of the CBC national radio program, Basic Black, and the author of a syndicated newspaper column and eighteen books, including, most recently, Paint the Town Black (2015). Originally from Ontario, Black spent his last two decades living on Salt Spring Island, BC.


Book Cover Black & White And Read All Over
978-1-55017-336-9 · 1-55017-336-7 · September 2004 · Hardback
CAD$32.95 · USD$32.95
Shortlisted for the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour (2005) “Look what the male praying mantis puts up with to get a little romance. For these critters, going all the way means Going All the Way.” —from “Stupid Male Tricks”
Book Cover Black Gold: Nuggets from a Lifetime of Laughs
978-1-55017-373-4 · 1-55017-373-1 · October 2006 · Paperback
CAD$19.95 · USD$19.95
"Arthur Black is a polished performer, full of wit and style." —Toronto Star
Book Cover Black is the New Green
978-1-55017-494-6 · 1-55017-494-0 · August 2009 · Hardback
CAD$32.95 · USD$32.95
Arthur Black's latest trademark storytelling!
Book Cover Black to the Grindstone
978-1-55017-442-7 · 1-55017-442-8 · September 2007 · Paperback
CAD$19.95 · USD$19.95
I'll never forget the mortification of driving past young women. Each time their lovely heads would swivel towards me at the sound of [Mustang] Sally's throaty rumble. Each time their bright eyes would sparkle expectantly at the sight of Sally's sleek red flanks sliding into view. Each time their sweet red mouths would morph into an "Eewwwww" when they beheld the geezer at the wheel. —from "Me and Mustang Sally"
Book Cover A Chip Off the Old Black
978-1-55017-510-3 · 1-55017-510-6 · September 2010 · Hardback
CAD$32.95 · USD$32.95
Book Cover Flash Black
978-1-55017-330-7 · 1-55017-330-8 · February 2004 · Paperback
CAD$19.95 · USD$19.95
"Arthur Black is outrageously funny, but . . . beneath that razor-sharp edge of brandished wit lies one very clever artist." -Saskatoon Star Phoenix
Book Cover Looking Blackward
978-1-55017-590-5 · 1-55017-590-4 · April 2012 · Paperback
CAD$24.95 · USD$24.95
The bestselling author of A Chip Off the Old Black, Black is the New Green, and many more is “black” for another round of gut-busting stories and essays.
Book Cover Paint the Town Black
978-1-55017-701-5 · 1-55017-701-X · May 2015 · Paperback
CAD$22.95 · USD$22.95
Book Cover Pitch Black
978-1-55017-367-3 · 1-55017-367-7 · August 2005 · Hardback
CAD$32.95 · USD$32.95
Demonstrating why he is one of Canada’s best-known humorists, Black offers readers a unique brand of tongue-in-cheek -wisdom on a wide range of subjects ranging from suburban heroes to garage sales as blood sport.
Book Cover Planet Salt Spring
978-1-55017-470-0 · 1-55017-470-3 · May 2009 · Audio CD
CAD$18.95 · USD$18.95
Audio book on CD!