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Dave Macleod

author image Born of Canadian parents in Princeton, New Jersey, Dave Macleod's awareness of the cultural differences between the two countries began at an early age. He moved to Canada in 1975 to study forestry, and in his spare time he learned to construct crossword puzzles. His puzzles have appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and other newspapers. Dave lives in Nelson, BC.


Book Cover O Canada Crosswords Book 10: 50 Themed Daily-sized Crosswords
978-0-88971-236-2 · 0-88971-236-0 · September 2009 · Paperback
CAD$9.95 · USD$9.95
"I really enjoyed the humour and challenge of these (O Canada) puzzles. Please tell me you plan to publish more." —Brenda, B.C.
Book Cover O Canada Crosswords Book 8: 75 Themed Daily-Sized Crosswords
978-0-88971-217-1 · 0-88971-217-4 · October 2007 · Paperback
CAD$9.95 · USD$9.95
Olson and Macleod's puzzles are ingrained with accents of Canadian culture: -Lion's club (CFL) -Stompin' Tom's Bud, e.g. (SPUD) -Map of Québec (CARTE) -Old Hudson's Bay Company supplier (VOYAGEUR) And infused with humour: -Old timer (SUNDIAL) -Lame excuse (BUM LEG) -One who looks like hell, but is tempting (SATAN)
Book Cover O Canada Crosswords Book 9
978-0-88971-225-6 · 0-88971-225-5 · October 2008 · Paperback
CAD$9.95 · USD$9.95
Witty themed puzzles with Canadian-flavoured clues by established puzzle creators. The ninth book in this best selling Canadian crossword series.