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David Zieroth

David Zieroth has long displayed in his poetry a subtle and unique faithfulness to following invisible threads through the world—hearing calls and offering responses, speaking spells, uttering transactions between what changes and what does not change. In this collection, as he turns the largesse of his poetic attentiveness to the inescapably symbolic activity of travel—to the rich roads of distance within and without his poetic individuality—the results are evocative, enlarging, and touch often at deep mystery. Listen while the poet in a foreign yet suddenly familiar place dreams of “rhyming paeans . . . both his own and everyone’s.” Listen while the poet hears a chance sound at home and recalls a sound he heard in a faraway locale: listen to the bells that tell “how a small tick has been carved out of time.” Albrecht Dürer and me is a gift to the reader—a marvel of an addition to Zieroth's ongoing oeuvre.
—Russell Thornton