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Eldon Lee

author image Dr. Eldon Lee has been a rancher, fighter pilot, and doctor. Now retired, he is delighted to study classical Latin and Greek, as well as to pilot ultralight planes. He was born in 1923 and raised on an isolated ranch in the Central Cariboo region of British Columbia. At age 19, he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force, and experienced the war as a bomber pilot in an air crew. Eldon attended Seattle Pacific University and the University of Washington. He took further studies in Canada and England. After 13 years, he earned the following degrees: Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Medicine, Fellow of Canadian Surgical Society, Fellow of American Surgical Society. In addition, he later earned post-graduate credits in Ancient Greek from Regent College at the University of British Columbia. Eldon is the author of a number of unique books including Scalpels & Buggywhips, Tall in the Saddle (with his brother Todd), A Western Doctor’s Odyssey, They Were Giants in Those Days, From California to North 52 Degrees (with his brother Todd), and The Hatchwell Papers. His books include a mixture of archival and personal photos, and provide an informative description of the Cariboo region and those who resided within it. He was presented with the Jeanne Clarke Memorial Local History Award in 1998.