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Harvey Evans

Harvey Evans grew up in Flin Flon, Manitoba where his father was agent for a famous bush flying outfit called Wings Limited. Harvey idolized the bush pilots around town and quit school at grade nine to begin his apprenticeship as a flyer. By age eighteen he was a fully qualified commercial pilot, one of the youngest in Canada. For the first ten years he flew old fixed-wing bush planes around the north before switching to helicopters in 1961. From then until his retirement in 1994 he amassed 16,000 hours on rotary wing craft, specializing in power line construction. Harvey Evans died in 2007.


Book Cover From Fox Moths to Jet Rangers: A Bush Pilot's Life
978-1-55017-463-2 · 1-55017-463-0 · November 2009 · Paperback
CAD$26.95 · USD$26.95
The life and adventures of one of Canada's most repected bush pilots.