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Laisha Rosnau

Prince George novelist and poet Laisha Rosnau launched her third book, Lousy Explorers, a collection of poetry, at the Caledonia Reading Series April 28.

Rosnau’s novel The Sudden Weight of Snow (McClelland and Stewart, 2002) appeared on best-seller lists across Canada. Her collection of poetry, Notes on Leaving (Nightwood, 2004) won the national Acorn-Plantos People’s Poetry Award in 2005.

Rosnau moved to Prince George in 2005 and her most recent collection, Lousy Explorers (Nightwood Editions 2009), explores new territory, both physically and emotionally.

“In two years, I went from being a single girl living in a studio in downtown Vancouver to being married and a new mother in College Heights. It was quite an adjustment, both challenging and exhilarating,” said Rosnau.

“We arrived in Prince George at what seemed like the apex of the pine beetle epidemic and we watched in awe as the beetles literally ate away the forest around us.”

This experience influenced the work in her new book, including a long poem called “Epidemic.”

“I wanted to write about people entering into new territory where things were changing in ways that left them feeling more exposed and raw but also opened them up for change and transformation, for a new kind of life.”
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