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Matt Rader

"Matt Rader's Living Things was a delight to read. What's most important is that it's a delight on a first read because of the arranged music, as well as on repeated readings because of its suggestiveness and connections."
-Brian Palmu,

"...technically accomplished and gritty, displaying something of a debt to Babstock and early Lowell. More than this, Rader's book is the result of a great deal of intense reading in mid-20th century English and American poetry. I suppose this kind of background should be assumed with any contemporary poetry; with Rader, however, the indebtedness of influence and effort to write poems that can compete with the best is especially evident and painfully admirable."
-Darren Bifford, Matrix

"...full of arresting images that seem to reinvent everything he looks at."
-Carmine Starnino

Living Things was cited as one of the "best volumes of verse in 2008" by the Winnipeg Free press.