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Mike McCardell

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author image Mike McCardell has earned the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of fans for his tongue-in-cheek investigative reporting and human-interest stories. He is the author of the bestselling Unlikely Love Stories, Here's Mike, Chasing the Story God, Back Alley Reporter and Getting to the Bubble as well as The Blue Flames That Keep Us Warm, a national bestseller and BC Book Prize finalist.


Book Cover Back Alley Reporter
978-1-55017-294-2 · 1-55017-294-8 · October 2002 · $32.95
Back Alley Reporter, McCardell’s follow-up to his bestselling memoir Chasing the Story God, is a charming collection of anecdotes, full of “un-put-downable” fun for anybody who enjoys a well-turned yarn.
Book Cover Back Alley Reporter
978-1-55017-480-9 · 1-55017-480-0 · March 2009 · $19.95
Now in tradepaper!
Book Cover The Blue Flames that Keep Us Warm: Mike McCardell's Favourite Stories
978-1-55017-440-3 · 1-55017-440-1 · September 2007 · $32.95
A new edition of heart-warming stories seen from Mike McCardell's unique point of view Also available in Trade paper
Book Cover The Blue Flames That Keep Us Warm: Mike McCardell's Favourite Stories
978-1-55017-431-1 · 1-55017-431-2 · January 2008 · $24.95
Mike's heartwarming stories now in Tradepaper!
Book Cover Cardboard Ocean: A Memoir
978-1-55017-664-3 · 1-55017-664-1 · September 2014 · $32.95
Book Cover Chasing the Story God
978-1-55017-248-5 · 1-55017-248-4 · August 2001 · $32.95
McCardell's frank, sparkling style, his eye for the human condition and his deft handling of an enormous range of material have made him one of BC's great TV personalities.
Book Cover Everything Works
978-1-55017-512-7 · 1-55017-512-2 · September 2010 · $32.95
Book Cover The Expanded Reilly Method
978-1-55017-500-4 · 1-55017-500-9 · October 2009 · $34.95
Mike declare's in The Expanded Reilly Method, "I have found the answer to enjoying an incredible life, no matter who you are or where you are or what you are doing or how much you weigh."
Book Cover Getting to the Bubble: Finding Magic Amid the Urban Road
978-1-55017-443-4 · 1-55017-443-6 · October 2008 · $32.95
One of British Columbia's most popular TV news personalities shares a new collection of his captivating stories
Book Cover Haunting Vancouver: A Nearly True History
978-1-55017-606-3 · 1-55017-606-4 · October 2013 · $32.95
A light-hearted local history that is unmistakably Mike McCardell.
Book Cover Here's Mike: & Junkyard Granny, Whistling Bernie Smith, the Robertson Screwdriver, Pancakes and Eternal Truth
978-1-55017-562-2 · 1-55017-562-9 · September 2011 · $32.95
Book Cover Unlikely Love Stories
978-1-55017-563-9 · 1-55017-563-7 · October 2012 · $32.95