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Patrick White

author image Patrick White is a British Columbia journalist whose interest in the north dates back to his early childhood when the old Arctic traveler Bill White (no relation) used to visit Patrickís family and recount his riveting tales of chasing Arctic murderers across the frozen tundra. Later, while taking a course in Arctic history at the University of Victoria, Patrick discovered an aural archive of Billís Arctic experiences. He was struck again by the originality, authenticity and historical value of Billís account and resolved to get it down on paper. Mountie in Mukluks is his first book.


Book Cover Mountie in Mukluks: The Arctic Adventures of Bill White
978-1-55017-352-9 · 1-55017-352-9 · October 2004 · Hardback
CAD$12.99 · USD$12.99
Almost everyone knows who Bill White is, though they may not know his name. Bill is the red-coated, dog-sledding Mountie who always gets his man. At least thatís how it seems at first glance.