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Peter A. Robson

Peter A. Robson has authored hundreds of articles and has served as editor for several magazines, including Pacific Yachting, Cottage and Cottage Life West. He has also authored or co-authored books about commercial fishing, forestry, towboating and salmon farming. He is a regular at Harbour Publishing’s Friday martini hour and lives in Garden Bay, BC.


Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles 23: Harbour Publishing 40th Anniversary Edition
978-1-55017-710-7 · 1-55017-710-9 · April 2015 · Paperback
CAD$24.95 · USD$24.95
Book Cover Skookum Tugs: British Columbia's Working Tugboats
978-1-55017-275-1 · 1-55017-275-1 · September 2006 · Hardback
CAD$49.95 · USD$49.95
Winner of the 2003 Bill Duthie Booksellers' Choice BC Book Prize! A dazzling array of magnificent colour photos and a crisp, engaging text bring to life the spirit of BC’s contemporary towboat industry and the beauty of BC’s waterways.
Book Cover Sunshine & Salt Air: The Sunshine Coast Recreation and Visitor's Guide
978-1-55017-143-3 · 1-55017-143-7 · July 2001 · Paperback
CAD$24.95 · USD$24.95
The new, expanded edition - essential for travelling the Sunshine Coast.
Book Cover Working the Tides: A Portrait of Canada's West Coast Fishery
978-1-55017-153-2 · 1-55017-153-4 · 1996 · Hardback
CAD$34.95 · USD$34.95
Working the Tides makes it possible for readers to go aboard the small ships of the west coast fishing fleet and see the world as fishers see it.