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Rob Budde

Finding Prince George: An Interview with Rob Budde

conducted by rob mclennan

This interview was conducted over email from December 2003 to August 2006

rm: How did your most recent collection, Finding Ft. George (Nightwood) come about, and how does it fit into your northern aesthetic?

RB: Finding Ft. George will actually be the first book of mine that will reflect a "Prince George aesthetic." It is made up of poems I've written since coming to Prince George and you will see the influences of Ken Belford, George Stanley, and Barry McKinnon in it. It is my discovery of Prince George (and regions around) and also reflects my new-found Green politics. I am co-chair of the provincial Green Party constituency association here. Really think that poetry could delve more into the reason we are trashing the planet. It is nice Harbour/Nightwood is doing the book because it will create an interesting conversation with Belford's Ecologue, which came out last year.

rm: Why do you think it important to establish such a dialogue with Belford's collection?

RB: I am just really into what he is doing now. He is my current mentor and so a lot of the poems come out of conversations and poems we share. I respect him immensely for his politics/poetics and hope to learn a lot more from him as we go on.

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