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Tom Wayman

author image Tom Wayman was born in Ontario in 1945, but has spent most of his life in British Columbia. He has worked at a number of jobs, both blue and white-collar, across Canada and the U.S., and has helped bring into being a new movement of poetry in these countries--the incorporation of the actual conditions and effects of daily work. His poetry has been awarded the Canadian Authors' Association medal for poetry, the A.J.M. Smith Prize, first prize in the USA Bicentennial Poetry Awards competition, and the Acorn-Plantos Award; in 2003 he was shortlisted for the Governor-Generalís Literary Award. He has published more than a dozen collections of poems, six poetry anthologies, three collections of essays and three books of prose fiction. He has taught widely at the post-secondary level in Canada and the U.S., most recently (2002-2010) at the University of Calgary. Since 1989 he has been the Squire of "Appledore," his estate in the Selkirk Mountains of southeastern BC.


Book Cover The Colours of the Forest
978-1-55017-202-7 · 1-55017-202-6 · 1999 · Paperback
CAD$16.95 · USD$16.95
Tom Wayman returns with new vigour in his latest collection of poetry. Shortlisted for the 1999 Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize.
Book Cover Did I Miss Anything?: Selected Poems 1973-1993
978-1-55017-092-4 · 1-55017-092-9 · 1993 · Paperback
CAD$15.95 · USD$15.95
"His is a wry, down-to-earth, often humorous vision - a perceptive, everyman's view of life, couched in straight forward, accessible language." -Coast News
Book Cover Dirty Snow
978-1-55017-586-8 · 1-55017-586-6 · March 2012 · Paperback
CAD$16.95 · USD$16.95
Book Cover The Dominion of Love: An Anthology of Canadian Love Poems
978-1-55017-238-6 · 1-55017-238-7 · January 2001 · Paperback
CAD$21.95 · USD$21.95
A sumptuous and unforgettable collection of love poems by fifty of Canada's best writers.
Book Cover The Face of Jack Munro
978-0-920080-59-7 · 0-920080-59-6 · 1986 · Paperback
CAD$16.95 · USD$16.95
Wayman's tenth book of poems.
Book Cover Going for Coffee: Poetry on the Job
978-0-920080-09-2 · 0-920080-09-X · 1981 · Paperback
CAD$21.95 · USD$21.95
Now in its third printing! The original ground-breaking anthology of North American work poetry.
Book Cover High Speed Through Shoaling Water
978-1-55017-401-4 · 1-55017-401-0 · May 2007 · Paperback
CAD$17.95 · USD$17.95
Tom Wayman, one of Canadaís most beloved poets, follows his Governor Generalís Award-nominated My Father's Cup with a new collection of 80 poems.
Book Cover In a Small House on the Outskirts of Heaven
978-1-55017-002-3 · 1-55017-002-3 · 1989 · Paperback
CAD$24.95 · USD$24.95
"Wayman rides the waves of local history and popular concerns to produce exceptionally fine poems." -Alan Twigg
Book Cover Inside Job: Essays on the New Work Writing
978-0-920080-46-7 · 0-920080-46-4 · 1983 · Paperback
CAD$16.95 · USD$16.95
"Tom Wayman has earned an international reputation as a poet who sees into the heart and mind of the workplace." -Vancouver Province
Book Cover My Father's Cup
978-1-55017-282-9 · 1-55017-282-4 · September 2002 · Paperback
CAD$16.95 · USD$16.95
Shortlisted for the 2003 Governor General's Award for Poetry.
Book Cover Paperwork: An Anthology
978-1-55017-042-9 · 1-55017-042-2 · 1991 · Paperback
CAD$17.95 · USD$17.95
Most North Americans spend more than half of their waking hours at work, yet in our surrounding culture - television, movies, news media, schools, advertising and fine arts - there are few honest depictions of our daily working lives.