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Yvonne Maximchuk

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Yvonne Maximchuk is a lifelong working artist, illustrator and author. She is the co-author of Full Moon, Flood Tide and Tide Rips and Back Eddies with Bill Proctor (Harbour Publishing, 2003, 2015) and the author of Drawn to Sea (Caitlin Press, 2013). She lives with her husband, Albert, in Echo Bay, BC.


Book Cover Colour the British Columbia Coast
978-1-55017-773-2 · 1-55017-773-7 · July 2016 · Paperback
CAD$19.95 · USD$19.95

Discover British Columbia’s coast with hours of colouring fun.

Book Cover Full Moon, Flood Tide: Bill Proctor's Raincoast
978-1-55017-291-1 · 1-55017-291-3 · August 2003 · Paperback
CAD$24.95 · USD$24.95
"A wonderful addition to the library of coastal sailors, or armchair travellers and historians..." -Royal City Record
Book Cover Tide Rips and Back Eddies: Bill Proctor's Tales of Blackfish Sound
978-1-55017-725-1 · 1-55017-725-7 · October 2015 · Paperback
CAD$24.95 · USD$24.95