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author image Howard White was born in 1945 in Abbotsford, British Columbia. He was raised in a series of camps and settlements on the BC coast and never got over it. He is still to be found stuck barnacle-like to the shore at Pender Harbour, BC. He started Raincoast Chronicles and Harbour Publishing in the early 1970s and his own books include A Hard Man to Beat (bio), The Men There Were Then (poems), Spilsbury's Coast (bio), The Accidental Airline (bio), Patrick and the Backhoe (childrens'), Writing in the Rain (anthology) and The Sunshine Coast (travel). He was awarded the Canadian Historical Association's Career Award for Regional History in 1989. In 2000, he completed a ten-year project, The Encyclopedia of British Columbia. He has been awarded the Order of BC, the Canadian Historical Association's Career Award for Regional History, the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, the Jim Douglas Publisher of the Year Award and a Honorary Doctorate of Laws Degree from the University of Victoria. In 2007, White was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. He has twice been runner-up in the Whisky Slough Putty Man Triathlon.


Book Cover The Accidental Airline: Spilsbury's QCA
978-1-55017-097-9 1-55017-097-X 1994 $18.95
"This is the raw stuff, the right stuff and the real stuff." -Barry Broadfoot
Book Cover The Airplane Ride
978-0-88971-224-9 0-88971-224-7 October 2006 $16.95
A child's experience of his first airplane ride across Canada!
Book Cover Ghost in the Gears
978-1-55017-065-8 1-55017-065-1 1993 $16.95
Shortlisted for the 1994 Dorothy Livesay BC Book Prize
Book Cover A Hard Man to Beat: The Story of Bill White: Labour Leader, Historian, Shipyard Worker, Raconteur
978-0-88978-131-3 0-88978-131-1 1983 $21.95
"Crude, vulgar, slanted, vindictive and utterly delightful" -Denny Boyd, The Vancouver Sun
Book Cover A Hard Man to Beat: The Story of Bill White: Labour Leader, Historian Shipyard Worker, Raconteur
978-1-55017-551-6 1-55017-551-3 October 2011 $21.95
Book Cover Patrick and the Backhoe
978-0-88971-052-8 0-88971-052-X 1991 $15.95
"This is an adventure story that is likely to become a classic in its own right" -London Free Press
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles 11: Forgotten Villages of the BC Coast
978-0-920080-40-5 0-920080-40-5 1987 $10.95
The eleventh issue of "the best source book available on Canada's west coast." (Books in Canada)
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles 12
978-1-55017-028-3 1-55017-028-7 1990 $16.95
"The best source book available on Canada's west coast." -Books in Canada
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles 13
978-1-55017-052-8 1-55017-052-X 1991 $16.95
Cortes Island, Chilcotin War, basketmaking, "How I Got the Dump Job" and much more.
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles 15
978-1-55017-091-7 1-55017-091-0 1993 $16.95
Issue number fifteen!
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles 16: Time & Tide: A History of Telegraph Cove
978-1-55017-121-1 1-55017-121-6 1995 $16.95
When the Depression hit, a tiny group of pioneers rebuilt a decrepit sawmill in Telegraph Cove. Pat Norris grew up there.
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles 17
978-1-55017-142-6 1-55017-142-9 1996 $16.95
Howard White, Robin Ward and articles on August Schnarr, pioneer photographer Hannah Maynard, the smallpox epidemic and the perils of being a female cook on a fishboat.
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles 18
978-1-55017-171-6 1-55017-171-2 1998 $16.95
The latest - lightkeeping at Cape St. James, misadventures of a tax man, who really shelled the Estevan lighthouse.
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles 19: Stories and History of the British Columbia Coast
978-1-55017-316-1 1-55017-316-2 July 2003 $16.95
Raincoast Chronicles 19 is part of the bestselling and award-winning series about West Coast history and culture.
Raincoast Chronicles 23: Harbour Publishing 40th Anniversary Edition
978-1-55017-710-7 1-55017-710-9 March 2015 $24.95
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles Eleven Up
978-1-55017-105-1 1-55017-105-4 1994 $39.95
Winner of the 1995 Roderick Haig-Brown BC Book Prize
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles First Five: Collector's Edition
978-0-920080-04-7 0-920080-04-9 1977 $28.95
Raincoast Chronicles First Five sold out its first printing in two weeks. Since then it has sold well over 30,000 copies.
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles Fourth Five
978-1-55017-372-7 1-55017-372-3 September 2005 $42.95
Raincoast Chronicles Fourth Five collects the complete Raincoast Chronicles 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 and is living proof that some things just keep getting better.
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles Fourth Five
978-1-55017-594-3 1-55017-594-7 February 2012 $29.95
The largest Raincoast Chronicles collection is now available in trade paperback!
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles Six/Ten
978-1-55017-067-2 1-55017-067-8 1983 $28.95
Issues 6 to 10 of the completely unclassifiable, thoroughly enjoyable journal of West Coast history and culture.
Book Cover Raincoast Chronicles: Collector's Edition
978-1-55017-527-1 1-55017-527-0 1972 $100.00
The very first edition of the book that has become a west coast institution - articles, stories, poems, drawings covering every imaginable aspect of northwest history and folklore.
Book Cover Spilsbury's Coast: Pioneer Years in the Wet West
978-1-55017-046-7 1-55017-046-5 1991 $24.95
"A lively collection made still livelier by White's bright writing - the stuff of which folklore is woven." -Vancouver Province Shortlisted for the Bill Duthie Booksellers' Choice BC Book Prize.
Book Cover Spilsbury's Coast: Pioneer Years in the Wet West
978-0-920080-57-3 0-920080-57-X 1987 $26.95
A runaway BC bestseller. In collector's hardcover format.
Book Cover The Sunshine Coast: From Gibsons to Powell River
978-1-55017-081-8 1-55017-081-3 1996 $29.95
From deep rain forests to logging camps, Indian villages and bustling ports, The Sunshine Coast offers an insider's look at one of the most fascinating regions on the BC coast.
Book Cover The Sunshine Coast: From Gibsons to Powell River, 2nd Edition
978-1-55017-552-3 1-55017-552-1 October 2011 $34.95
Book Cover Writing in the Rain
978-1-55017-010-8 1-55017-010-4 1990 $16.95
Winner of the 1991 Stephen Leacock Award for Humour.
Book Cover Writing in the Rain
978-1-55017-139-6 1-55017-139-9 1995 $14.95
Howard White won the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour for the book version. Now here's the tape, read by the author.