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Praise for Sonik's previous work

Praise for Sonik's previous work:

Wow. Madeline Sonik's first collection of stories is an amazing debut. Twenty-five luminous, dense, provocative and heart-wrenching stories take readers all over the map of human emotion. Love, hate, sex, racism, madness are placed on the pages with exquisite precision, lifting the ordinary into the realm of myth, and making the story itself an icon of life A short review cannot possibly do justice to this book. It has far too much excellent content and stunning writing … just go get it and read it.
—Candace Fertile, The Times Colonist (Victoria)

It is Sonik's firm grounding of stories in a single image that distinguishes her from most other fiction writers … Sonik's stories assume a refreshing variety of tones … I would highly recommend this book to readers of fiction.
—John Fell, The Antigonish Review