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"As I Walk By" and "The Fall Rain"

As I Walk By

A premonition of fall already
informs this hot summer's day
although the small, small leaves
of the rows of tall,
old Chinese elms
lining Sixth Avenue
near my home,
have yet to commence their dance
which they do,
when they do it,
with such an old-fashioned
sedateness and grace,
that is so pleasing to watch
when the wind comes to woo.

Then the leaves will shed hoards
Of shadows onto the ground,
creating a growing umbrage
deep as the sea
in order to capture me
as I walk by.

The Fall Rain

Trees in our neighbourhood shiver in cold, grey rain,
last remaining foliage in a state of deshabille for late fall.

Streetwalkers working their beat on nearby Hastings and Victoria
are rain-soaked, shivering in flimsy, revealing dresses.

Each year I wonder, will they all survive the oncoming winter?