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Praise for A to Z of Absolute Zaniness

"Each letter of the alphabet is accompanied by a six-line story that repeats the letter many times in a variety of words. Alliteration abounds. As the title suggests, each story is zany. . . The words featuring each letter are chosen from a large vocabulary and reflect more than the hard and soft sounds of the letters. . . Deep blue, purples, and greens, plus pastel pinks, yellows, and oranges colour the round, cuddly, big-eyed characters, among them; Goobly Goblin, Percy Panda, and Sister Sally. All of the odd combinations in the stories are illustrated as an interacting whole Xerxes ox, a fox, a xylophone, exercises, and a box come together delightfully to illustrate the story for letter "X". The page size is 8 l/2 by 11 inches with two-thirds devoted to illustration and the story printed in bold black letters on white at the bottom of the page, always framed with a lively border linking it to the illustration. . . This is a mature ABC book with engaging illustrations." —Brenda Watson, Canadian Materials