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Review in The Nexus

One look at its glossy cover — a montage of screen stars, musical legends, and black and white photographs — and Backstage Vancouver makes any entertainment enthusiast read on.

After being drawn in, the book takes the reader to a time when the entertainment industry was just beginning to flourish in the city now known as Hollywood North. It tells of singers who stopped on tours to play the Orpheum Theatre in its heyday. It gives insider information about secret stops in Hollywood North, where stars could walk the streets without fear of flailing fans.

A fantastic book, it chronicles the roots, beginnings, thriving times, present events, and juicy gossip of the stars that have visited or lived in Vancouver. The book is written by Canadian broadcast legend and original rock DJ, Red Robinson, and a newspaper reporter who has covered pop culture in Canada since the ’80s, Greg Potter.

Rare photographs are featured from various archives and personal collections that can’t be found in any other books. An absorbing read, Backstage Vancouver captures the memorabilia and nostalgia of an era, a city, and the people who were there. With past acts like The Beatles and Louis Armstrong, to present day pop stars like Bryan Adams and Nickelback, it covers the entire spectrum of legends who got their start in Vancouver or merely passed through on their way to astounding stardom. Backstage Vancouver is a joy to read.

—Chelsea Green, The Nexus