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Praise for Black & White And Read All Over

"Nothing and nobody escapes Black's wide - ranging radar, and his research turns up some of the most amusing anecdotes. Like how the Pickle Arse MacLeans got their nickname. Or how best to squelch a heckler. Or how Gus Wickstrom of Tompkins, Sask., uses a pig spleen to predict weather. It's all guaranteed Black gold, Black humour."
M. Wayne Cunningham, The Kamloops Daily News

"Black and White and Read All Over is Black's 10th book and, like others, the title puns on his name...It is full of wit and Black's Canadian view point."
-Annie Boulanger, Burnaby NOW

"It's a collection of short, quirky, funny pieces. The book resembles the man...Black is ace at repartee. He says he's always been funny. He blames it on being short...The discipline of radio has made Black a master of a spare prose style that combines comic timing with just a hint of zany twilight zone. He knows how to surprise."
-Pat Burkette, Victoria Times Colonist