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Contents of Episodes 1-6


"The Ice Boy:" A mentally handicapped five-year-old is found frozen to death in the woods.

"Suddenly This Summer:" Bonnie's son Robbie is accused of vandalizing.

"Deer in the Headlights:" The local game warden is found shot dead in his kitchen one morning.

"Seven Crows a Secret:" Two women treasure their hand-carved sideboards that happen to match; only one of them knows how and why.

"Back of His Hand:" Judy Barkhouse isn't the brightest penny in the till but she's a good worker and hasn't got an enemy in the world. So where do all the bruises come from?

"The Head Cheese:" When it comes to owning up to things and living them down, nobody ends up smelling worse than Bonnie's former boss at the credit union.