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Praise for Cycling with the Dragon

"The surface of these delicate poems belie a perceptive edge, a crooked finger in the lines that draw you in deeper, to a subtle sound exploration. Cycling with the Dragon is the best kind of poetic travel, to see a place anew, to experience life from a different angle. Woo excels in the shy surprise. These are small marvels, rewarding a return journey."
—Renee Saklikar, author of Children of Air India, winner of the 2014 CAA Award for Poetry

"Cycling with the Dragon, Elaine Woo’s debut poetry collection, collapses the gap between eco-commentary and socio-cultural exploration. Woo’s graceful poetics balance rhythmic lyricism with fragmentation, familial tensions with racial visibilities, and bodily meditations with environmental reflections. Above everything else, Cycling with the Dragon is an honest and perceptive collection that burns with conscience."
—Jordan Abel, author of The Place of Scraps, winner of the 2014 Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize

"Elaine Woo’s book is a work of bravery."
—Ray Hsu, author of Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon and Anthropy, winner of the 2005 Gerald Lampert Award and finalist for the 2005 Trillium Award for Poetry

"Cycling With Dragon is a swift ride through the generations, and a sensitive hand along the edge of the sea. Elaine Woo offers up suggestive images—like a heron poised on the edge of the sink, she is selective and discriminating. Writing from the centre of the universe, her poetic vision snakes around the mythic wealth of the world, interrogating the interstices, offering it up to us again and again in sharp glimpses."
—Joanne Arnott, author of A Night for the Lady and Wiles of Girlhood, winner of the 1992 Gerald Lampert Award

Cycling with the Dragon excites by bringing the large scale of mythologies and the pathos of the human condition down to the micro, personal level...Woo's work is unflinching, confronting difficulty head-on by diving repeatedly into childhood traumas, the failures of desire on both personal and societal levels, contemplations on pregnancy and motherhood and the broader socioeconomic concerns of today's world...Her images are lively and colourful, even when the subject matter is dark or difficult....worthwhile and daring."
—Kerri Lu, Asian Cha