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Praise for Field Identification of Coastal Juvenile Salmonids

North Islander
This book is an excellent cooperative effort of MacMillan Bloedel and DFO. It's a great example of what creative, postive, public partnerships can accmoplish, for the benefit of British Columbians and the salmonid resource, if we give cooperation a try. . . This book should be of great interest and value to young people involved in salmonids in the classroom curriculum, schools, teachers, conservation and environmental groups, fish and game clubs, naturalists, fisheries consutants, streamkeepers, fishermen and anyone whose work might take them near salmon-producing streams.
-Rob Bell-Irving, North Islander

The Westcoast Fisherman
This book has everything going for it - it's thin, so there's not to much to read; it's interesting to look at and easy and fun to use; it's put together by the experts, so you know it's right; and, it's printed on waterproof paper. Every fisherman needs a copy of this little masterpiece. Net proceeds from the sale of the guide go to the Pacific Salmon Foundation, a non-profit organizaiton supporting community-based, volunteer, salmon enhancement and habitat restoration.
-David Rahn, The Westcoast Fisherman