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"Sonata for Three Sleeping Women"

They are in a room,
together. Their breathing, a rhythm of ages
rises and falls
in the small tempest of sleep.
One is a child, a girl.
Her breath, quick and light
falls as a petal of air
upon a small, rounded face
dreaming of the night’s darkness
passing in grace of He
who answers prayers forever.
One is a woman breathing
taut and baited as one who is on the brink
of love’s summation; passion
planted in the body,
now growing swollen and wanton
in the night’s potted darkness, nurtured
on dreams of love lasting forever.
And she that is old, sleeps
still, body pulsing to the heart’s sound
in the night’s boding darkness
where dreams now
lie reverent to the mortal sound
that is not forever. Now
breath for breath’s sake.