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Praise for Full Moon, Flood Tide

"[Bill Proctor] recounts spellbinding, often hilarious tales of the characters in this part of the world. Brimming with coastal lore, maps and co-author Yvonne Maximchuk's delightful line drawings, this must have travel companion pays tribute to Bill's contemporaries who wrested a livelihood from forest and sea, while making passionate pleas to preserve his beloved wilderness."
-Pacific Yachting

"A wonderful addition to the library of coastal sailors, or armchair travellers and historians, with these tales of cruising our coastlines, and meeting the characters who live there. Illustrated with photographs and Maximchuk's excellent drawings and illustrations."
-Annie Boulanger, Royal City Record, New Westminster

"A personal history by fisherman, conservationist and raconteur, Bill Proctor. An engaging read, filled with anecdotes on everything from hand logging to tubesnouts and a first-class tour of Bill's stomping grounds on the Mainland. Plenty of photos, plus excellent line drawings by friend and neighbour Maxine Maximchuck. Highly recommended!"
-Western Mariner

"The authors' approach to their material is fresh and original. Reading Full Moon, Flood Tide is like having a new type of chart, one that a team of elders has spent years annotating and adorning for you. If you're familiar with this part of B.C., you'll be enriched by the layer of cultural, historical, and personal references that Proctor projects across the landscape, for he understands this world as well as anyone. If you don't know the area, the book still works fine as a collection of lively tales and intimate reports--a reverent, sympathetic introduction to a well-loved place."
-Andrew Scott, Georgia Straight