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Table of Contents

I. The South Downs Way
The Hills Are a Lie
Sappho, at Fifteen
Old Story
Tower Rook
Nothing to Write Home About
November 22, 1963
What I Wanted to Say
For Frederick Fleet
sing-rail trilogy

II. Inland
Sonnets for the Policeman in an Edmonton Sun Photograph
Death of a Scuba Diver at West Edmonton Mall
Another Letter to the Dead
Morning after the Rodeo
gay in stockís time
Alberta Pick-Ups
Summer Windigo

III. Night Watch
What of the Night?
The Lengths Heíll Go
Sleeping with Michael
For Michael, in Part
In the Lottery Corp
How to Talk to a Brushcut Man
Down on Vegas
For Robert ó Now in College, and Finally on Stage
A Fairyís Rings
A Brief History of a Fundamentalist
as for that cap in your back pocket
Last night on CBC
Hallway Light

IV. Love of the Same
Love of the Same
Exposure (Hail Storm, July 25/77)
Soft Shoe
My Brotherís War Models
My Motherís War Story
Radio Free
A Poet Recalls Fiction