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Praise for Harry

“ … dog lovers will adore [Czajkowski’s] sentiments and the many quizzical anecdotes on human behaviour keep the tone light and playful. And that’s what Czajkowski’s novel does best: advocates for us to nakedly observe the wonder of the world, uninhibited by the noise of human conclusions.
With many seasons out in the wild, Chris Czajkowski’s story may inspire you to get out the door and blaze your own mountain trail. But until then, get away from the crowds in this secondhand (erm, ...paw) account, and run free, even just for a few pages.”
~ Vanessa Ratjen, What’s Up Yukon, August 2017

“Chris Czajkowski’s new book, Harry: A Wilderness Dog Saga, surprised me with every turn of its pages. I’m not a huge fan of dogs in general, but when I started to read the book, I quickly felt like I was reading something out of the excellent Redwall series by Brian Jacques… From the dogs’ adventures of life with Czajkowski I found a new respect for the companionship humans and canines have. I really recommend this book to dog lovers, and to readers who love adventures; it’s an excellent read.”
~ Jennifer Wyatt, Nexus, October 4, 2017