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Praise for Haunted Waters

Dick Hammond, Storyteller
"I read all of the stories in Haunted Waters while travelling up Vancouver Island and down the Sunshine Coast over a very rainy four-day period. I read many of the stories by candlelight while the rain and wind pelted outside - a context that seemed perfect for these tales. I really enjoyed all of the brief intros to the stories Dick Hammond provided throughout Haunted Waters. At the beginning of the book he states, 'I couldn't hope to reproduce in print the full impact of his telling since, like all good tale spinners, Father lived his stories. He acted them out with gestures, impressions, sound effects, and such running commentary as occured to him. He imitated the sounds of different characters' voices and made valiant attempts at their accents. I have hinted at some of this, but most of his special effects I have had to leave to the reader's imagination'. . . Story themes include: the stranger who rows up to a dog in Egmont one evening with part of his leg - still in his boot - lying next to him in the stern seat; deer tracks that mysteriously disappear in the middle of a snow covered field; the strange house where an exotic young woman speaks of friends and family who may or may not be alive or even real, all of whose voices can be heard in Talking Falls. This last story in particular really held me in its grip."

by Grant Shilling, The Gig