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Foreword by Billie Steele and Earl Dawe

HELEN DAWE had a lifelong interest in study and learning - the student's desire to know, to find out what is here in the world.

She had many interests and a life of varied experiences, including overseas service in the Royal Canadian Navy and work as a librarian in the US Air Force and the Vancouver Public Library.

But an ongoing project throughout her sixtynine years was the assembling of writings, photographs, artifacts and community records of the people and events of her place and time.

Her place was the village of Sechelt, where her grandfather, Thomas John Cook, first visited in 1891 and then settled with his family in 1894. She grew up during a time when many of the settlement's original pioneers were still living, and when the stories of the community's building were still fresh in their memories. She listened to these stories, and through her research uncovered others. She filed and annotated the items she collected with great diligence and care, and the result of her work is a wellorganized and diverse assemblage of memorabilia covering roughly the last one hundred years of Sechelt's development.

It is also important to realize that Helen was as concerned about ensuring Sechelt's future as she was about preserving its past. She keenly observed, for instance, every village council meeting, and was determined that the community which her family was instrumental in founding should not be spoiled for those who might live there in years to come. It was for the benefit of those future residents of Sechelt, as well as in tribute to its early settlers, that she conducted her work.

Although she never found the time to compile the book (or books) she intended to write "someday," she did select topical photographs from her collection and annotate these with extended captions. These were published from time to time in local newspapers. She also wrote occasional pieces on topics of timely application as events transpired.

This book offers some of these recollections as a memorial of her work and life in this village for which she had an enduring affection.

Helen was born in Vancouver on December 23, 1914, and died at Sechelt on December 28, 1983.

-BILLIE STEELE (sister of Helen Dawe)
-EARL DAWE (cousin of Helen Dawe)