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Praise for High Speed Through Shoaling Water

“Tom Wayman’s book, high speed through shoaling water, is almost redolent with the warm sultry aroma of pine pitch and the sounds of the wind rustling the alder leaves…one dips in and out of its pages at random and, in doing so, finds gems lurking beneath the surface”
—Bronwen Welch, Victoria Times-Colonist

“This collection is a gem. I won’t be putting it on my bookshelf any time soon. It’ll be on my desk, or in my bag, or carried in sweaty hands pressed against my journal. It’ll be damaged by travel, tattered and splashed with coffee, but it will be very well loved. Highly recommended.”
—Thomas Trofimuk, Alberta Views

"high speed through shoaling water is a rich and varied collection, with enough gems to keep us reading and wanting more from Wayman, who has certainly reached a peak in his performance as a recognized Canadian poet."
—Gillian Harding-Russell, Prairiefire