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Praise for Jason and the Sea Otter

"Paul Montpellier, who illustrated the book, has done a wonderful job. . . . The book would be enjoyed by many children, especially those from the age of five to the age of eight. It is a calming but exciting adventure with Jason in his canoe as he watches the wildlife on the rocks, in the water, and on the beaches. This book is enough to awaken an interest in wildlife in any child who reads it."
-Brenna Turvey, Vancouver Sun

"Jason and the Sea Otter is the kind of book that adults will never tire of reading to children in their care. Both author and illustrator have subtly presented details of the Nootka way of life in a manner which flows with the story rather than being forcefully injected out of context. Highly recommended."
-Joan Payzant, Canadian Materials

“Jason and the Sea Otter is an enchanting story for younger children as well as an excellent introduction to West Coast native life.”
-Edmonton Journal