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Table of Contents

Salmon, Trout, Charr, Grayling and Whitefish (Order Salmoniformes)
Pike, Muskellunge, Pickerel and Mudminnows (Order Esociformes)
Smelt (Order Osmeriformes)
Sunfish, Bass, Perch and Drum (Order Perciformes)
Catfish, Bullhead, Stonecat and Madtom (Order Siluriformes)
Tomcod and Burbot (Order Gadiformes)
Sturgeon and Paddlefish (Order Acipenseriformes)
Eel (Order Anguilliformes)
Gar (Order Semionotiformes)
Lamprey and Hagfish (Orders Petromyzontiformes and Myxiniformes)
Bowfin (Order Amiiformes)
Goldeye and Mooneye (Order Osteoglossiformes)
Shad, Herring and Alewife (Order Clupeiformes)
Carp, Goldfish, Squawfish, Dace, Shiner and Chub (Order Cypriniformes)
Trout-Perch (Order Percopsiformes)
Killifish, Mummichog and Topminnow (Order Cyprinodontiformes)
Sculpins (Order Scorpaeniformes)
Grunion and Silverside (Order Atheriniformes)
Sticklebacks (Order Gasterosteiformes)
Canada's Aquatic Heritage
Literature Sited
Special Acknowledgements