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Review in the Vancouver Sun

Vancouver Sun February 11, 1995:
Ever wonder where you could meet an emerald shiner? Want to know how the Dolly Varden got its name?

Confused about the taxonomic differences between steelhead and rainbow trout?

If so, then Frederick H. Wooding has written the book for you.

Lake, River and Sea-Run Fishes of Canada could only have been compiled by someone who is fascinated by fish. Unlike many guides to the classification and identification of fish, Wooding's effort is not a dry, scientific effort. He writes with a light touch and a sense of humour, using anecdotes and personal experience to lovingly bring his topic to life. Consider this observation on the lowly pumpkinseed: "Arrayed in all their finery, and observed as they move about in schools in the shallow, clear, quiet waters of lakes and streams, pumpkinseeds display Nature's mastery of colour arrangement."

This book is primarily aimed at anglers who are curious about the finned creatures in the waters they fish, or who dream of fishing.

It's also for anyone who ever peered into a clear stream or lake, saw a fish swimming by, and wondered, "What the heck was that beautiful thing?"
-Mark Hume, Vancouver Sun