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Praise for Light Years

“My only complaint about this book is--it was hard to put down...Caroline tells a great story with passion and conviction, and you will develop an appreciation for the men and women who work very hard to assure our safety and comfort while cruising.”
~ Mark Bunzel, Waggoner Cruising Guide, July 2016

“...Light Years has a comedic streak and surprises throughout. Passages of her writing are nearly edible...the colour and black and white photos throughout are like an open love letter to the career...a remarkable eavesdrop into the secret lives of lighthouse keepers…”
~ Jules Torti, Vancouver Sun, January 15, 2016

“Like any good storyteller, Caroline Woodward runs many threads through her rich storybook quilt of history and memoir… Woodward’s need for solitude combined with her powerful sense of connection to people and place has stood her well in her work on the lights and as a writer. Light Years is a passionate and generous celebration of both endeavours and the people who do them.”
~ Sheila Peters, BC Bookworld, Winter 2015

“…Light Years is the memoir of the pair’s experience ‘on the lights’ together. Its appeal lies partly in the suggestion that deciding to make that tempting major life change doesn’t mean the world will fall apart...The book also looks at the importance of reacquainting with nature, and contains thoughtful, detailed descriptions of the landscape and the beasts that inhabit it….But more than anything, Light Years is a book about the dream of writing: how we romanticize it, chase it, and serve it, and what we’re willing to sacrifice to make it a part of our daily lives. Through all the struggles that life in the lighthouse brings, its seclusion and isolation give Woodward exactly what she was looking for: her voice back.”
~ Stacey May Fowles, Quill & Quire