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Praise for Low Water Slack

"Buoyantly optimistic and rich in imagery, these poems movingly depict rare moments of beauty in an otherwise harsh existence. Especially astonishing is the maturity of Bowling's vision, the breadth of his reading, and the ability to combine the abstract with the pragmatic in poems that shimmer like the scales of salmon he describes, particularly when he is writing about death. It's bloody and it's wonderful."

"Bowling's poems exceed expectations. His universe, suffused with the flux of water, is wondrous."
-Zoe Landale, UBC Chronicle

"Tim Bowling's first book, Low Water Slack, is a rare find. Accomplished, assured, and stocked with memorable imagery, it trumpets the presence of a huge new talent."
-Kevin Irie, The Antigonish Review

"Low Water Slack richly creates a vivid sense of specific place and time and particular, personal emotion. . . . Tim Bowling shows himself to be a gifted poet, grounded in the narrative-lyrical modernist tradition, one who is adventurous and risk-taking in his use of surprising, suggestive language and unexpected, forceful juxtapositions. I finished his book an admirer of his work and will follow his career with interest."
-Libby Scheier, Books In Canada

"His poems have an emotional intensity that brought lumps to my throat. There is a resolve, a high moral purpose to everything he is doing here, coupled with a compelling melancholy and an astounding level of artistry. With his grasp of the human condition and his lyric gifts, Bowling has the tools to become not just a good poet, but a great one. Low Water Slack (that particular tide when everything slows down, leaving time to reflect) went into second printing in less than a year, suggesting someone besides poets are buying it."
-Pat Jasper, Arc