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Praise for Marry & Burn

"Marry & Burn, the fourth collection of poetry by Rachel Rose, demonstrates once again the considerable skill of this poet, a skill matched by luminous sensibility. Rose delves into aspects of ordinary life, such as love, sex, marriage, loss, and children, and offers a new perspective with her gift of making language jump. ...Rose's thoughtfulness is enticing. Her ability to push language to its limits while always maintaining communication is a gift, one that her readers can open over and over."
~ Candace Fertile, Room Magazine, issue 39, Fall 2016

`As its title conjures, Rachel Rose’s fourth collection of poetry, Marry & Burn, smoulders with intense lyrical energy and crackles with poetic technique….Technically sophisticated, fierce, and musical, there’s much to admire in Marry & Burn.
~ Laura Ritland, The Puritan, Issue 33, Spring 2016