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Praise for Natural Light

"The photos are not like the images you find in other books. Nunuk's photos are truly spectacular, jaw-dropping shots of locations that, through his masterful lens, become different and fresh...British Columbia's contrasts and beauty have inspired many photo collections but none like Nunuk's. From the Mediterranean tones of the Okanagan to the crystalline twinkle of an ice cave, this oversize coffee-table book is the perfect gift for those who want to see our province in a dramatic light. It is truly spectacular."
-Edgar Dunning, Delta Optimist

"I found the text particularly interesting as Nunuk explains how he works to obtain some of these shots, hiking into an area and digging in until light and weather give him what he is looking for."
-Andrea Deakin, The Peace Arch News

"...Every photograph, whether of a landscape, seascape, forest, mountain, river or lake, is guaranteed to illustrate an aspect of the province in an artistic light in which it has never been seen before. But see for yourself to fully appreciate the sweep and quality of his work."
-M.Wayne Cunningham,Daily News

"This coffee table book is a jewel of photographs captured by the author after long hours of waiting for 'the moment' or when he just happened to see light and colour juxtaposed perfectly."
-Mollie Ralston, BC Studies

"...One of the photographer's personal of a road-side swamp on the Queen Charlotte Islands...This image, all greens and water and reflections, appears as a fantasy landscape of mushrooms until the viewer realizes he is looking at moss-topped stumps ranged along this small shoreline...A photo to be savoured again and again."
-Don Denton, Times Colonist