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Review by Canadian Materials

"These are two more of Anne Cameron's retellings of North West Coast Indian pourquoi tales or myths for children. . . These two new ones are equally beautiful [to earlier Cameron books How Raven Freed the Moon and How the Loon Lost her Voice], especially Orca's Song, which is a particularly poignant story.

Anne Cameron is a well-known Canadian author, who writes for children and adults. She credits these Indian myths to a woman called Klopinum, who was a storyteller on Vancouver Island. This storyteller gave Anne Cameron permission to share the stories with others, something she does extremely well.

Orca's Song and Raven Returns the Water are illustrated strikingly with black-and-white drawings by Nelle Olsen. On every right hand page one of these westcoast pictures complements the text on the left side. Both stories have the flavour of the country of origin, are easily understood by the present-day audience, and have the feeling of the oral telling. Orca's Song explains the origin of the killer whale's song and exuberant dance and is the tale of the love between Orca and Osprey. Raven Returns the Water explains how Raven the trickster saves the world from a massive drought."

-Gerri Young, Canadian Materials