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Praise for Pacific Reef and Shore

"The book is a rogues' gallery of the ocean; it identifies through pictures and facts. The cover photo depicts a type of sea slug only a mother could love. Some of the mug shots and their colourful names are amazing...Pacific Reef and Shore is a useful, basic book for older kids and adults."
-Jan Degrass, Coast Reporter

"The simplicity and clarity of both description and photos make this guide an excellent choice for family outings."
-Diana Mumford, Wave Length

"When my summer visitors arrive and we're wading at the tideline or canoeing over the eelgrass, I'll have Harbo's guidebook handy to settle those inevitable arguments over names for this or that sea critter. His photos and descriptions will definitely incite everyone to look closely at the ocean's treasures."
-Carolyn Redl, Times Colonist

"This is an ideal guide for the scuba diver."
-William Schleihauf, The Northern Mariner

"Now you'll know the difference between a hairy lithode and a golf-ball lithode, a wrinkled star and a cushion star."
-Dan Hays, Statesman Journal

"I find this book comprehensive, easy to use, compact, well laid-out, and beautifully illustrated."
-Annie Prud'homme-Genereux, BC Naturalist