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Praise for Pacific Seaweeds

“...the book is way beyond a field guide. It has sections on seaweeds in general, explaining their biology, morphology and their place in our universe… I not only like the information packed in this book, I very much enjoyed the writing style… While seaweeds do not have the pizzazz of orchid flowers, fall maples or fly agaric, they are a fascinating group and worthy of study and admiration. This book will help in your hunt for new and old species.”
~ Roy John, Canadian Field Naturalist, Vol 130, No 2, 2016

"If you’ve ever wondered about the names of seaweeds that have washed up on shore, this is the guide to reach for. Of the several methods employed by the authors to aid your identification efforts, one of the most clever is the way seaweeds are photographed... What plainly comes through in this book is that the authors are enthusiastic and passionate about these plants of the sea."
~ National Outdoor Book Awards, 2016