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Table of contents from Paperwork

INTRODUCTION: Visible Consequences, Invisible Jobs

Bill Hastings Todd Jailer

Slab on Grade Clem Starck
Me and Maloney Clem Starck
Dismantling Clem Starck
Journeyman's Wages Clem Starck
Concrete Fever Kate Braid
Recipe for a Sidewalk Kate Braid
On the Edge Brad Barber
Connecticut Zen David McKain
Unlike Napoleon Joseph Maviglia
First Job Joseph Maviglia
Portuguese John Joseph Maviglia
Work Season Joseph Maviglia
Inverno (Winter) Joseph Maviglia
The Ghost in the Gears Howard White
Watching Wheels Jim McLean
By Moonlight Jim McLean
Klik Jim McLean
I Don't Write Poems for Railroaders Jim McLean
Throwing a Shoe Todd Jailer
Motto of the Line Crews Todd Jailer
I'm Driving Todd Jailer
In Loco Citato Timothy Russell
Walhalla, North Dakota William Borden
Rippin' With the "8" Frank Cross
On Hearing That Ezra Becker Was Killed While Plowing Craig Challender
Night Harvesting Richard Holinger
Harvest at Night Janet Kauffman
Hands Linda Hasselstrom
Salvage Grain David Lee
Racehogs David Lee
A Day of Mourning, 24 November '75 David Lee
The Hay Swather David Lee
The Farm David Lee
Some Things Work Stephen Lewandowski
I'm So Lonesome in the Saddle Since My Horse Died Sid Marty
Dangerous Work Peter Christensen
Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening Peter Christensen
Swamp King Sid Marty
Fire Storm on Mount Whymper Jim Green
We Come To Ask for Your Bones Mike O'Connor
The Finishing Peter Trower
Collision Course Peter Trower
Goosequill Snags Peter Trower
Trimming the Tree David McKain
Power Line Andrew Wreggitt
Slow Learner Bruce Hunier
Chiff Factor Bruce Hunier
Treeplanting in the Rain Jim Dodge
Convoy Tim McNulty
The Cooksweat and the Mechanic Dymphny Koenig-Clement
Recurring Nightmares Dymphny Koenig-Clement
Madonna Dymphny Koenig-Clement
Banting Today in Afternoon Heat Robert MacLean
Today a Wasp Crawled into My Bellybutton Robert MacLean
On My Tenth Anniversary as a Treeplanter Finn Wilcox
Dirt Work Stephen Lewandowski
They Dream of Being Gardeners Bruce Hunier
Billy No Longer the Kid Bruce Hunier
Tiresias II Howard White
West Coast Zoe Landale
The 1982 Purse Seine Roe Herring Fishery M.C. Warrior
Deep Lining Carolyn Borsman
Halibut Douglas Dobyns
Seppo Carolyn Borsman
Vancouver Harbor Carolyn Borsman
The Fisherman and the Logger Howard White

First Day on a New Jobsite Susan Eisenberg
Through the Ceiling, Maiden Voyage Susan Eisenberg
'Girl' on the Crew Kate Braid
These Hips Kate Braid
Hanging In, Solo Susan Eisenberg
They Said Women Always Quit Donna Langston
Factory Girls Joni Miller
The Women's Committee Leona Gom
Waiting Leona Gom
Quilting Bee Sandy Shreve
Cavities Leona Gom

Adjustment 1: Shifting Piles Lesléa Newman
Secretary 1 Mickey Bickerstaff
Meditation on a Typo Catherine Shaw
Resignation Catherine Shaw
Secretary Miriam Goodman
Xerox Miriam Goodman
Cafeteria Miriam Goodman
Sanctuary Catherine Shaw
Companion Sandy Shreve
Computer Lab Miriam Goodman
Death of a Computer Operator Richard Grossman
Manuai Action 1 Pam Tranfield
Have You Ever Considered... Susan Meurer
Back in the Shop Susan Meurer
Once When I Was a Bank Clerk Glen Sorestad
Tech Writer Roger Taus
The Book Truck Sandy Shreve
Elm Nick Muska
Forklift Poem/Winter Nick Muska
Why It's Called a Warehouse Nick Muska
Two Years Nick Muska
What Happened Nick Muska
Friendly World of Receiving Ronald Kurt
Productivity Ronald Kurt
Layoff Ronald Kurt
Dispatcher Sawdust Ken Rivard
from When the Moving Company is Scholarly: 4. Ken Rivard
Mistake Ken Rivard
Hearth of Darkness Calvin Wharton
Sisters of the Garden Gerald Hill
Ice Gerald Hill
Waitress Alissa Levine
There's Something Wrong with my Soup Mark McCawley
Busboy and Waitress: Cashing Out Jim Daniels
Adieu Marjorie Marks
Deli Suzan Milburn
Public Relations: Delayed Train Erin Mouré
Not a Train Erin Mouré
I Don't Panic Stop for (Ding) Bells Brian Pratt
Schedules Brian Pratt
To Prove Him Wrong Brian Pratt
Teardrops on the Road Brian Pratt
Roller Coaster Brian Pratt
Their Dispatch David Beaver
Our Dispatch David Beaver
The Brotherhood David Beaver
The Postman Sadhu Binning
Tools of my Trade Sue Silvermarie
Federal Offense Sue Silvermarie
After All Sue Silvermarie
Standards Sue Silvermarie
from Ever Took Me Seriously as a CPR Cop Ken Rivard
Flying the Night Freight Robert Garrison
Working Alone Andrew Vaisius
Joyce Josephson Kirsten Emmou
No Fear of Blood Kirsten Emmou
Junkie/Mother Kirsten Emmon
Job Description Alicia Priest
Working While Others Sleep Alicia Priest
The Unconscious Patient Alicia Priest
Seeing Lazarus Alicia Priest
Reading the Entrails Glen Downie
Grieving Glen Downie
Louise Glen Downie
Prosthetics Glen Downie
Mr. Petrie Phil Hall
Answers Kirsten Emmott
Newborn Zoe Landale
Ravaged: A Love Poem Mary di Michele
"Who Looks After Your Kids?" Kirsten Emmott
Fear of Failure Dale Zieroth
The Death of the Violin Dale Zieroth
Grade Nine Evelyn Grayson
On Being Teacher Rep in the Student Swimathon Robert Currie
from The Chalkboard Poems: The Magnates Glen Sorestad
from The Chalkboard Poems. The Carp Glen Sorestad
from The Chalkboard Poems: Moonfighter Glen Sorestad
from The Chalkboard Poems: Efficiency Expert Glen Sorestad
College Ron Miles
Students Tom Wayman
Marking Tom Wayman
Show Jim Daniels
For Kirsten Emmott, Doctor & Poet Phil Hall
The Aging Flight Instructor Braces - Not Unnoticeably - for a Bad Landing by an Energetic Student Bob Garrison
Door to Door for a Tenant's Union David McKain

Warningsigns Susan Eisenberg
from Job Wrung Poems: 4. Penny Pixler
E-Way Counter Leon E. Chamberlain
Endako Shutdown Andrew Wreggitt
The Work of Looking for Work M.R. Appell
Nobody's Heroes M.R. Appell
Getting It Up M.R. Appell
The Panama Canal Clem Starck
The Myth of the Self-Made Man Zoë Landale
Lay of the Long-Lived Leftovers Zoë Landale
Mea Culpa Zoë Landale
Lotteries Jamie Pearson
Job Placement Board Pam Tranfield

Steel Edges Calvin Wharton
The Horn Blow Jeff Tagami
from Factory: II Antler
from Factory: IV Antler
The Coil Winder Sue Dora
Earl's Poems: 1 and 3 Sue Doro
You Can't Go Back to Work in the Middle of a Card Game Sue Doro
Doris's Poem Sue Doro
Factory Education Jim Daniels
Timers Jim Daniels
Signing Jim Daniels
Killbuck: A Poem for Grinders Richard Stansberger
The Sound: Factory System Poem Tom Wayman
Walking Papers Andrew Wreggitt
God Helps Those Jeff Poniewas
A-7 Crib Leon E. Chamberlain
Visions Leon E. Chamberlain
Song, Endako Andrew Wreggitt
Dear Foreman John Morton
Slime Warning John Morton
Boiler Lancer John Morton
Pin-boy John Morton
The Sintering Plant John Morton
Graveyard Shift Peter Trower
In Toto Timothy Russell Wiredraw Jeff Friedman
Asbestos Susan Eisenberg
Choice Cut-Up Chicken David Everest
How to Dress a Salmon Michael B. Turner
The Washers'Il Wash It Michael B. Turner
7:59 A.M. Michael B. Turner
Rat Hole Calvin Wharton
In July '86 I Gave Notice at my Proofreading Job in Toronto. . . Phil Hall
Herring Season David Conn
Welders' Time David Conn
Some Kind of Bonus David Conn
Song of the Hammer David Conn
False Creek David Conn

Class Conscious Kate Braid
Midnight Date Jim Daniels
Nightwatch M.C. Warrior
Billy Lyn Ferlo
Empty Bed Blues Kirsten Emmou
Trying to Turn a Bad Thing into Good Sue Doro
Post Mortem Sandy Shreve
Ext. 282 Phil Hall
Earth Clings to the Roots Pat Erwin
Salyer Perspective Leona Gom
Stolen Sunday Sue Silvermarie
Time and a Half Todd Jailer
As in the Beginning Mary di Michele
My Young Brother Don Howard White
Youngest in Canada Andrew Wreggitt

My Job Michael B. Turner
Traitor Jim McLean
How Clayton Got to be Foreman Bruce Severy
This is my New Job Chip Goodrich
The Administrator's Office Jean Flanagan
Committee Theory Richard Grossman
The Corner Office Richard Grossman
Climbing Richard Grossman
Business Tao Richard Grossman
Speaking in Tongues R.W. Sandford
Day One: 9:15 A.M. R. W. Sandford
Day Three: Application Class Two From Prison R.W. Sandford
Day Three: Training R. W. Sandford
Day Ten: A Resignation Letter R.W. Sandford
Graig's Talk Erin Mouré
Broadview Erin Mouré
The Department Head Gerald Hill
Management Gerald Hill

Worker Classificaton: Material Handler Glen Downie
Paper, Scissors, Stone Tom Wayman
Ontario Equal Pay Rally & Celebration Gwen Hauser
E = MC2 (Pay Day) Gwen Hauser
The Big Theft Tom Wayman
Closure Susan Meurer
Health and Safety Susan Meurer
To a Worker Never Known Susan Meurer
Grievance Procedure Sandy Shreve
The Grievance Rhona McAdam
Sorry I'm Late Pam Tranfield
Politics of View Siephen Lewandowski
Has Anyone Seen the Working Class? Howard White
The Unofficial Report Dale Hall
At the Grand Opening Brett Enemark
In the Brief Intervals Between their Struggles Our People Dream Erin Mouré
The Truckdriver Howard White
O The Lions of Fire. . . Roger Taus
Blue Collar Goodbyes Sue Doro
Margaret's Party Jeni Miller
Icon in Rye Bruce Hunter
Retake the City Robert Carson
It's All Our Fault AI Grierson
The Way I Figure It Antler
Written After Learning Slaves in Ancient Greece and Rome had 115 Holidays a Year Antler
Zero-Hour Day Zero-Day Workweek Antler
And You Know It Sadhu Binning
Rhetoric Dale Zieroth
Our Negotiator Speaks to Theirs Dale Zieroth
Caught in the News Dale Zieroth
November Leona Gom