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Praise for Patternicity

I love Patternicity for its dirty noises. These are stylized, energized, slightly alarming poems tilted by scientific perspectives and ridden with violence, “meat stink,”¯ blood and decay; poems that try to celebrate the “flanks / of hog, skinned heads lopped off / and honeyed.” Jim Johnstone’s forms are shapely, but feral. His music is beautifully rational, complex and charismatic.
―Carmine Starnino

Patternicity transforms the mundane into the otherworldly … it’s a compelling system of thought.
―Mark Callanan, Quill & Quire

Award-winning and full of thought, Jim Johnstone brings readers a fresh experience with Patternicity. Seeking to explore language and how it often fails to truly get the message across, Patternicity is a read that shouldn't be missed by any poetry lover.
Small Press Bookwatch (Oregon)

This tight collection gains interest from the broad base of its scientific reference and historical scope, not
to mention its linguistic density and reach.
―Gillian Harding-Russell, Prairie Fire Review of Books