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Table of contents from Radical Innocence


The deepest voice, the surest - 11
as if from outside utterly 12

past dark and a desert empty 13
of everything doubt portended, all 14

loveliness but its timbre lost 15
of the forest we'd imagined 16

spoke singly with authority 18
along a line of prophecy, hope 19

of old men, whose voice it was 20
whose lineage it was, lost 21

even to women, half 23
their tribe, retreat and retraction 25

of the human to the last word 27
of the least and loneliest-father 28

done with begetting, done 29
with all but the power 31

of the pregnant ether, refuge 32
Of a world once various and fluid 33

lived-in nectar, absorbed 34
by God, whose character is voice 36

and ghostly possibility (threat 37
and promise) of rejuvenation 39

in a son born 41
but not begotten, dead 43

and risen, celibate 45
and ageless in a void of pain 46

made the only world to be sure of 47 Scrape
a shadow play, romance 49

of the pure 51 The Sealed Room
or desperate heart. 53 Lost in the Material
55 For Example, It's Not You Driving
57 Coda
60 A Small Blue Banknote
61 Terminal Velocity
62 Radical Innocence
64 Reprieve for the Body