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Table of contents from Raincoast Chronicles First Five

Foreword Bob Hunter
Introduction Howard White

Rum Running Ed Starkins
B.C. Whaling: The Indians Jon Van Arsdell
Noticias de Nutka Scott Lawrance
Pender Harbour: A Steamer Stop Jackie Holecka
George Bowerings "Captain Vancouver" Scott Lawrance
Petroglyphs Scott Lawrance
The Haida Potato Scott Lawrance
A B.C. Leper Colony Ed Starkins
They Don't Make 'Em Anymore Dept. - Martha Warnock Jackie Holecka

Pioneer Steamers of Vancouver Harbour Scotty McIntyre
Lighthouses of the B.C. Coast Howard White, Scotty McIntyre
Buddhist Columbia Scott Lawrance
Towboating Peggy McCaffrey
Tsimsyan Myths Scott Lawrance
The Cargo-Hulks Peter Trower
The Wanderings of an Artist: Paul Kane at the Pacific Scott Lawrance
Notes & Queries
Raincoast Place Names: The Nawhitti Country Lester R. Peterson
B.C. Whaling: The White Men Peter Trower
They Don't Make 'Em Anymore Department: Basil Joe D. G. Pool

From the Hill to the Spill: A breathless history of B.C. loggingPeter Trower
Railways in the Woods Scott Lawrance
Marry'n and Barry'n Logger Style Canon Alan Greene
Book Review: Chiefly Indian Scott Lawrance
How It Was With Trucks Frank and Howard White
Poems by Peter Trower, Logger Peter Trower
A Fir Tree of the Mind Todd Carney
Sojourn at Junkie Log Peter Trower
Notes & Queries
They Don't Make 'Em Anymore Department: Baker John Kelly

British Columbia's Depopulated Coast Lester R. Peterson
Sointula: Saltfish and Spuds Utopia Scott Lawrance
Growing Up in Bella Coola Leslie Kopas
Bringing the Indians to their Knees: The coast's first Christian mission Howard White
Ghostcamps of Howe Sound Peter Trower
Notes & Queries
The Great Pacific Sealhunt Patrick Lane
Non-European Iron Among the Haida: New evidence David Ellis
The Tale of the Snot Boy Charles E. Lillard
They Don't Make 'Em Anymore Department: Captain Herbert Clifton Donald Peck
Book Review: Mist on the River Scott Lawrance

Skiffs, Gillnets and Poverty-Stocks Peter Trower
Sunrise at the Fraser's Mouth Al Purdy
The Welcome Guests Scott Lawrance
Day of the Hand Troller Hubert Evans
Eulachon. Salvation Scott Lawrance
Fishing Rivers Inlet by Sail and Oar Lester R. Peterson
Garden Variety Scott Lawrance
Halibut: Scenting Woman Scott Lawrance
Tides Howard White and Margaret McCaffrey
The Bank Trollers Bertrand W. Sinclair
Book Reviews Peter Trower, Howard White
Unloading a Dragger at Campbell Avenue & Stikine Allan Safarik
They Don't Make 'Em Anymore: Peck Easthope Howard White
Pioneers in Paradise: Roy Padgett Robert Wishlaw and Howard White