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Praise for Renaissance Normcore

“‘Normcore’ is a fashion trend that’s seen as anti-fashion, a style of comfortable unisex dressing that eschews designer labels. In poetic terms, presumably, it’s meant to imply foregoing elaborate figurative language in favour of plainer diction. Thus the poems in Adèle Barclay’s second collection are conversational and channel a confessional voice, as the West Coast poet puzzles over ‘home, family and personal foundations.’ Power dynamics in relationships, queer desire and emotional tumult are refracted through a sensibility that is witty, sardonically funny at times and touchingly candid.” ~ Barb Carey, Toronto Star

“Barclay’s poems are full of queer joy, queer anxiety, queer yearning and queer solidarity. She has a knack for juxtaposing words and images in playful, unexpected ways.” ~ J. Ockenden, Discorder Magazine, winter 2019/2020