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"A Season of Mercy" and "Salt"

A Season of Mercy
A season of mercy
has been granted us,
this long time now -
by crucifixion
has always demanded patience.

House after house
has been built on the shore,
the same fishermen fishing seas
for the One man who spoke to them
from the water.

Some are tired of waiting;
some have lain down to die,

but still others persist
with dew in their eyes
so that even I must turn
this time now
to face Him at last
mercy's desire

Suddenly salt has lost its savour.

Love and all that it meant
is now a fragment of a bowl
no longer capable of holding water
but of only the caked white reflection -

a self, distorted and wan

weary with lines of knowing,
scarred with wounds that have truly savoured,
and known no other cleansing.