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Praise for Six Ways to Sunday

“Christian McPherson’s barfly madrigals are smoky and complex, shadowy tales from a shadowy planet, some so afflicted they’ll give you a rash.”

—Mark Anthony Jarman

“In his debut collection, McPherson conjures a gritty and colourful Ottawa, populated by addicts and losers, obsessives and gawky teens. ... McPherson’s endings, like the pool hustles, drug deals and long afternoon shags of these stories, have a nice way of leaving things open to the unexpected.”

The Dominion

“The characters who haunt Six Ways to Sunday are prisoners of their own passions, desires, addictions. When they cannot break out of the misery of their own creation, McPherson offers redemption through small acts of bravery, miracles of love large and small. A fascinating debut.”

—Byrna Barclay

“...genuinely hilarious moments... McPherson is at his best when the threatening potential for deviancy, dishonesty, or violence remains spectre instead of spectacle... it is in the book's subtleties that the writing and storytelling is most accomplished.”

—Owen Percy, Canadian Literature