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Praise for Stanley Park's Secret

"Jean Barman reveals the ‘secret’ past of Vancouver's greatest park in this engaging and well-written story of the families who lived within Stanley Park’s current boundaries. Barman shatters forever our idea of Stanley Park as a pristine wilderness carefully set aside for future generations."
—David Rahn, Western Mariner

"Stanley Park’s Secret offers another history, another way of seeing people, land and how the two intersect when interests conflict. . . . Drawing on oral histories and hundreds of documents, she gives voice to those who have been silenced."
—Candace Fertile, The Vancouver Sun

“Reading a book by local historian Jean Barman is like looking at the negative of a well-loved picture. By reversing the light and the dark, she forces us to tee the edges, the margins, the details pushed aside by the Technicolor myths of an accepted history.”
—Geoff D’Auria, Vancouver Review