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Table of contents from Starting from Ameliasburgh

Editorial Note

I No Other Country
The Cartography of Myself [1971]
The Iron Road [1963]
Lights on the Sea [1974]
Cougar Hunter [1974]

A Place by the Sea [1992]
Ghost Towns of BC [1995]
Imagine a Town [1972]
Dryland Country [1977]
Streetlights on the St. Lawrence [1974]
Angus [1974]
Norma, Eunice, and Judy [1974]
Bonjour? [1977]
Aklavik on the Mackenzie River [1976]
Harbour Deep [1977]
Argus in Labrador [1975
"Her Gates Both East and West" [1972]
Introduction to Moths in the Iron Curtain [1977]
Field Notes: Birdwatching at the Equator [1983]
Northern Reflections [1993]
Jackovich and the Salmon Princess [1975]

II The Writing Life
Autobiographical Introduction [1979] Charles Bukowski: It Catches My Heart in Its Hands [1964]
Leonard Cohen: A Personal Look [1965]
Beautiful Losers [1967]
Irving Layton: Balls for a One-Armed Juggler [1963]
The Collected Poems of Irving Layton [1966]
Constantine Fitzgibbon. The Life of Dylan Thomas [1966]
Farley Mowat: Westviking, Sea of Slaughter; Helge Ingstad: Land Under the Pole Star [1967,1985]
Milton Acorn: Introduction to I've Tasted My Blood [1969]
Margaret Atwood: The Animals in That Count [1969] The Journals of Susanna Moodie [1971].
Malcolm Lowry [1974]
George Woodcock:
Introduction to Notes on Visitations [1975]
George Woodcock, 1912-1995 [1995]
The Literary History of Canada [1977]
Peter Trower: Introduction to Ragged Horizons [1978]
R.G. Everson. Introduction to Everson at Eighty [1983]
Earle Birney: The Creative Writer [1967] Turvey [1989] Last Makings [1991]
F.R.Scott: The Dance is One [1973]
Sandra Djwa: The Life of F.R.Scott [1989]
David Pitt: E.J.Pratt: The Master Years [1988]
Rudyard Kipling [1989]
Bliss Carman [1990]

Poetry Chronicle 1958-1990
Louis Dudek: Laughing Stalks; En Mexico [1958]
Roy Campbell: Collected Poems Vol. II [1959]
Raymond Souster: The Colour of the Times [1964]
John Newlove: Moving in Alone [ 1965] The Cave [1971] Lies [1973]
New Wave Canada, Raymond Souster ed. [1967]
Group Review I:
Seymour Mayne: From the Portals of the Mouseholes; Bill Bissett: Fires in the Temple; Pat Lane: Letters from the Savage Mind; Jim Brown: The Circus of the Boy's Eye [1968]
Group Review II:
George Jonas: The Absolute Smile; D.G. Jones: Phrases from Orpheus; Roy Kiyooka: Nevertheless These Eyes; A.J.M. Smith: Poems, New and Collected; Dennis Lee: Kingdom, of Absence; Raymond Souster: As Is; P.K. Page: Cry Ararat!; Lionel Kearns: Pointing; George Woodcock: Selected Poems; Alden Nowlan: Bread, Wine and Salt; Louis Dudek and Michael Gnarowski: The Making of Modern Poetry in Canada [1968]
Poets Between the Wars, Milton Wilson ed. [1968]
Group Review III:
George Bowering: Touch: Selected Poems; Bill Bissett: Nobody Owns th Earth; Doug Fetherling: Our Man in Utopia; Bill Howell: The Red Fox [1972]
Ralph Gustafson: Selected Poems [1973]
George Johnston: The Faroe Islanders Saga [1976]
Alden Nowlan: An Exchange of Gifts: Poems New and Selected / John Steffler: The Grey Islands: A Journey [1985]
Anna Akhmatova: The Complete Poems [1990]